How it works


Arndilly is let to 7 rods for fly fishing only. The water is yours to fish as and when you please but the formal fishing day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. The three professional ghillies take an hour for lunch at 1pm and rods normally rotate pools once in the day. Scottish law prevents fishing on a Sunday.  Sea trout fishing is very much part of the offer and is at its best from May – early July.

While anglers may keep the 2nd, 4th etc cock salmon caught, they must return all hen fish and we encourage anglers to return all fish if possible. Sea trout under 1lb and over 3lb must be returned.

At Arndilly we are lucky to be sponsored by Sage and have their Z Axis and X series rods available for you to use. If you want to bring your own, we recommend a 14’ to 16’ double handed rod with matching reel and a floating, weight forward spey line. You’ll need chest waders, preferably with felt soles and studs and a wading jacket. There are plenty of wading sticks available at the lodge and we require that you wear a flotation device which, again, we have available for you.

The ghillies will always recommend 12lb – 15lb Maxima leader and, of course, you’ll need a box of flies. Any pattern will do in sizes from #4 – #12 depending on the state of the river.

If you want to fish for sea trout, you’ll probably have your own kit but a 5 – 7 weight rod between 9’ and 11’ would be ideal.  6lb – 8lb leader is probably about right.

The lodge is included in the rental price and has 7 bedrooms, each of which can accommodate 2 guests with two rooms having a double bed. A separate annex can accommodate 8 more guests and can be rented on request.

Arrival time is 4pm or later on the Sunday; departure time is no later than 11am on the following Sunday.

You will need to supply a cook, what they cook and all drinks.

Tipping is at your discretion; advice can be supplied by the agents.

Arndilly Fishings Sign